A Perfect Match: Congrats to Our Sweetwater Area Grads!

“Grit, intelligence and compassion helped the moms in this program find success at every turn. They all passed their CNA tests on the first try, which is a big deal. Several were hired right from their job interviews, a testament to their hard work practicing and preparing throughout the training.

“Reflection has always been hard for me. Being in Climb was like taking a mirror and forcing me to look into it. I didn’t want to look at all the things that have gotten in my way. It has been hard for me. But because of Climb, I can finally look in the mirror without fear.”

– Kendra, Program Participant

This group is an ideal fit for the medical industry, and their skill set is so needed in our community right now. It’s the perfect match. Working as a CNA is challenging, but they are in it for the right reasons—to treat their patients with respect, compassion, and care.”

— Brittany Gray, Sweetwater Program Director

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