30 Years of Restoring Hope

30 years ago, a new and innovative way to successfully move single mothers from poverty to self-sufficiency was born.

With a passion for helping others discover their true potential, Dr. Ray Fleming Dinneen developed an approach over three decades ago that ignites the personal awareness, resilience and power of single moms, leading to lasting and self-propelled transformation.

And so, at the core of the Climb Wyoming program model is simply this: meaningful relationships drive lasting change.

As we reflect on 30 years of learning, listening, laughing, crying, experimenting, failing and trying again, we can’t help but think about all of the meaningful relationships that have been integral to the success of the Climb program.

These relationships include the early pioneers of Climb, our incredible staff, the hundreds of employer partners who value helping families in their communities, the trainers who continue to be brilliantly flexible and creative, the government agencies and foundations that partner with us, and our donors, who recognize the critical importance of sustaining Climb with diverse funding and dedicate a percentage of their own livelihood to ensure others have opportunities for a new future.

Thank you for your incredible commitment to partnering with us and truly making a difference for Wyoming’s most vulnerable families. We are so excited to continue this journey with you, and Wyoming’s families, for the next 30 years.