Return on Investment

The significant investment by Climb Wyoming in each participant is supported by a strong Return on Investment as reflected in an increase in annual wages over year one and over time, as well as the impactful savings to communities in Wyoming as graduates transition off of social services like public healthcare, food stamps and child care.

CLIMB Return on Investment


Age: 37 Years Old

Children: 1

Casper Warehouse Inventory Specialist in 2014

"I moved to Casper as a single mom and didn’t know what to do. I’d been working in the restaurant business all my life, but for me, there was no future in it. Once I had my son, I was worried about not having health insurance or a 401k. My Climb training was intense—the program was Monday through Friday and then I worked all day on Saturdays. But I stuck with it—it was one thing I was determined to finish. My son started preschool this year. I’m able to take him to school each day and have paid holidays. He knows I’m picking him up when work is over, and we always eat dinner together. He’s feeling more secure himself now."

Before CLIMB

Annual Wage: $11,310

Occupation: Food Service

Health Insurance: No


Annual Wage: $36,400

Employer: Inside Sales Representative, Distribution NOW

Increase in Annual Wage: $25,090

Health Insurance: Yes

Savings to State

The financial benefits to the State of Wyoming as a result of the Climb Wyoming program are impressive. For every 100 Wyoming families that reach self-sufficiency, Wyoming experiences the following cost savings (conservative estimates):

Medicaid Savings (50 Families)
Food Stamps Savings (47 Families)
Eliminated Incarceration Cost (5 Mothers)
Eliminated Foster Care Cost (15 Children)
Annual Savings to Wyoming


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