Return on Investment

Thanks to your support, Climb invested $15,665* in Katie, and as a result she will earn an additional $602,659 during her lifetime.

*Cost per participant varies depending on training type. Lifetime earnings assume retirement at age 65 and no wage increase.

CLIMB Return on Investment


Age: 41 Years Old

Children: 2

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

“Before Climb, I felt stuck and thought about going back to bartending and waiting tables, but I worried about that longterm for things like insurance and retirement. I’m so glad to be where I am now in the medical profession—there are so many opportunities! This year, when I was able to buy my kids school clothes without help, it was a very good sign."

Before CLIMB

Occupation: Unemployed


Monthly Wage: $3,554/month

Occupation: Surgery Unit Clerk, Wyoming Medical Center

Year-One Increase in Wages: $27,394

Lifetime Increase in Wages: $602,659

Savings to State

Wyoming saves $730,440 annually from decreased food stamp use among graduates.*

* Based on graduates two years post-program.

Annual Savings to Wyoming

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