Return on Investment

Thanks to your support, Climb invested $15,877 in Kayleigh, and as a result she will earn an additional $873,600 during her lifetime.

Assumes retirement at age 65 and no wage increase.
Average cost/Climb participant is $20,000.

CLIMB Return on Investment


Age: 23 Years Old

Children: 1

Office Careers

"I don’t even know who I would have become without Climb. I didn’t think I would be doing accounting, I didn’t even know what QuickBooks was! The closest I had come to doing anything like that before was counting the register. I don’t need food stamps anymore and went from not being able to afford rent to being able to live in my own house. For my son, it looks like he will most definitely have a better future than if I didn’t have this career. I can now afford to save money for his college fund, unlike before when I had nothing. Once I made the choice to do Climb, both of our lives were changed forever.”

Before CLIMB

Annual Wage: $9,360

Occupation: Food Service


Annual Wage: $30,160

Occupation: Accounting, University of Wyoming, Departments of Botany and Molecular Biology

Increase in Annual Wage: $20,800

Lifetime Increase in Wages: $873,600

Savings to State

Wyoming saves $801,768 annually from decreased food stamp use among graduates.*

* Based on graduates two years post program.

Annual Savings to Wyoming


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