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2019 Financials


Return on Investment

Thanks to your support, Climb invested $15,716* in Tonja, and as a result she will earn an additional $1,960,000 during her lifetime.

*Cost per participant varies depending on training type. Lifetime earnings assume retirement at age 65 and no wage increase.

CLIMB Return on Investment


Age: 25 Years Old

Children: 2

Warehouse Tech

“When I moved my family to Casper, the only thing I had was the kids and our clothes. I was really scared about what was happening and where we would end up. Climb saved us. I had been working in fast food and was ready to get out of that and a string of dead-end jobs that wouldn’t support my kids. Climb taught me a lot that I didn’t know about the workforce.

I had never done a resume or had a formal job interview. I’m in my dream job now. I’ve earned several raises as my company has seen my skills and work ethic. I have a lot of responsibility as I run the plant’s operations. I feel great that when my kids are older and they’ve seen all my hard work, it will help them when they go through hard times. We’re really moving up, and it’s exciting.”

Before CLIMB

Occupation: Unemployed


Monthly Wage: $4,083/month

Occupation: Bulk Plant Operator, Rock Hard Cementing

Year-One Increase in Wages: $49,000

Lifetime Increase in Wages: $1,960,000

Savings to State

Wyoming saves $871,464 annually from decreased food stamp use among graduates.

* Based on graduates two years post-program.

Annual Savings to Wyoming

Guide Star Rating