Moments That Change Lives

Welcome Message from Climb Wyoming’s CEO

Climb Wyoming’s Chief Executive Officer Katie Hogarty shares the Climb Wyoming “moment” that changed her life more than a decade ago.

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Many Moments Make a Big Impact

At Climb, single moms living in deep poverty find support from the first moment they connect with us through their journey to reach financial self-sufficiency as professionals in the workforce. These individual moments of success and triumph change their families’ lives and have a collective impact on our communities…and the entire state of Wyoming!

Employer Partners

Thank you to our recent Employer Partners for creating life-changing moments that positively impact our communities!

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Your Return on Investment

When you invest in a Climb participant, your support changes her life the moment she becomes self-sufficient and earns higher wages…and continues as she grows in the workforce.

Since 1986, the State of Wyoming has saved $117 million from decreased dependence on public assistance programs among Climb graduates.

Average investment per Climb participant: $17,000

THANK YOU INVESTORS: YOU make life-changing moments possible!


“Watching a Climb video, I heard a teenager tell his mom he was proud of her. It made me realize how important a mom’s work and determination are to her kids. This investment truly helps break the cycle of poverty.”

– Phil Dinsmoor

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