Hire Climb Graduates

Climb works with employers who need skilled and motivated workers and are interested in partnering with an organization that has a proven record of providing quality employees.

While the basis of the Climb model focuses on job-training and placement, the program also addresses life skills including workplace communication, problem-solving, budgeting and parenting. These additional components ensure successful relationships at the workplace and in the home, and provide the employer with a dependable, qualified employee.

Additionally, Climb has the unique flexibility to meet Wyoming’s ever-changing workforce and to quickly respond to employment needs in different industries throughout the state.

Simply put, the Climb Wyoming model works, and we want you to be part of the success.

WHY Partner


Gain a trained and motivated employee ready to work.


Find an employee with the knowledge and ability to fit your organizational needs.


Support families making long-term life changes in your community.

Our expectations were exceeded through Climb’s support of the employer/ employee relationship. In partnering with Climb, a small employer like us received the equivalent of a larger business support system, including consistent check-ins and performance evaluations.

— David Hughes, Director of Operations,Oxygen To Go

About the Climb Employer Partnership

Prioritizing the Needs of Employers

Climb works with each community to assess the industry needs in that area. Climb also spends time with employers to identify the particular job requirements and any special considerations regarding the industry.

Training the Participants

Partnering with experts in the field, Climb provides the participant an extensive multi-week training program specific to the occupation.

A Focus on the Right Fit

Climb works with the employer to identify the right participant that can fulfill the needs of the position. To ensure the right fit for the business, the employer meets and interviews the potential employee.

Transition to Job Placement

After completion of the industry training, the employer hires the participant who then begins additional training for the specific position. During this time Climb supports both the new employee and employer during the first couple of months on the job, so the employee is able to settle in well and build success.

Providing Continual Support

Through the entire process, Climb works with the employer and participant to ensure success. Climb participants continue to receive support and Work Success training while on the job. Climb helps these women implement their new skills on- and off-the-job, that lead to long-term benefits for both the employee and employer. Climb even offers extensive support well after the participant has graduated from the program.

We strive to hire the best people for any open position, and Climb graduates have an advantage because they are so well prepared. It is clear that they have been prepped with office environment skills and the expectations of a professional environment.

— Jana Brinkman, Human Resources Specialist, University of Wyoming

We Need YOU

Since 1986, Climb Wyoming has helped more than 2,000 women and their families out of poverty. Connecting with Wyoming employers, Climb Wyoming trains and places these single mothers in higher paying careers that lead them and their families to self-sufficiency and economic security.

Learn more about becoming an Employer Partner by contacting our Climb program offices today.