At a time when private support of our work is more important than ever, we are so grateful to the following individuals and organizations that invested in our efforts to transition Wyoming families out of poverty in Fiscal Year 2017 (October 2016–September 2017).

Thank you to our FUNDING FUTURES GIVING SOCIETY DONORS for their pledges that contribute to our stability and help us plan ahead.
Mary and Dan Armour
Mickey Babcock
Eric and Kelly Barlow
Business Aviators, Inc.
Lisa Carlin
Colleen and Paul Cherrett
Maya and Mike Crothers
Cyclone Drilling
Etchepare Family Foundation
Missy Falcey
Sara Flitner and Bill Wotkyns
Sheila Gleason
JJ Healy
Rowena Heckert
Berte Hirschfield
Bland and Liza Hoke Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Frosty and Harriett Kepler
Carrie and Scott Kirkpatrick
Kathy Kline
Laura and Tedd Ladd
Jean and Jason Lewis
Sue and Tim Mason
Leslie Mattson
Newton Foundation Fund
Julie and Will Obering
Susan and Peter Ordway
Ron and Jeanie Schlautmann
Serimus Foundation
Mary Shafer-Malicki and Pat Malicki
Noa and Ted Staryk
Dr. Richard and Sue Sugden
Allan and Frances Tessler
Karla Tessler Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Ben and Eydie Trautwein
Sidney and Oliver Walter

Carole and Norm Hofley
Jannotta-Pearsall Family Fund of the
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Cathy and Fred Moore
Julie and Will Obering
Lenise and Randall Stephenson
Pam and Phelps Swift Family Fund of the
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Gifts were made IN MEMORY OF:
Carla Baker
Miriam Banta
Ruth Birkins
Margaret Bunning
Ruth Carlson
Sue Carr
Juliette Corriveau
Ann Cyrus
Oggie and John Dalton
Ellie Ellbogen
John Fanos
Patricia Fleming
Mary Jane Gault
Bobby Hathaway
Amie Hearne
Ann Houser
Marcella “Pat” Johnson
Mary F. Johnson
Victoria Juarez
Marian Medlicott
Elaine B. Miller
Pete Mirich
Ester J. Murray
The Nelson Family and those who came before
Lucille Noack
Margaret Pyle
Frances McGregor Reeve
Evelyn Rosner
Dorothy Saulino
Illa Searle
Nancy Shafer
Alice Bliss Smith
Marilyn M. Steely
Sandy Sumner
Sylvia Thal
Esther Thorvaldson
Claire Traylor
Bonnie Winskowski
My mom
Our moms
Our mothers

Gifts were made IN HONOR OF:
Sara Adamson
Betty Ainsworth
Penne Ainsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ainsworth
Peggy Alexander
Alli Anderson
Renee Ashworth
Judy Bailey
Rosemary Barrett
Edna C. Beavers
Arlene Berger
Nancy Beyer
Betsy Brino
Sarah Brino
Jeanne Bryan
Val Burbidge
Casey Burley
Pat and Doug Campbell
Peggy Carter
Ruth Case
Julie Cloud
Peggy Colson
Karen Conrad
Lauren Conrad
Barbara Crews
Bernice Crudden
Wendy Curran
Traci Daly
Jim and Cindy Delaney
Fred and Kim DeVore
Barbara Elaine DeWitt
Ray Fleming Dinneen
Addie Donnan
Betty Eaton
Diana Enzi
Carol Fischer, MD
Mary Flitner
Katie Fraley
Kim Freeman
Christy Gerrits
Sheila Gleason
Tamie Grauberger
Nancy Groseth
Beth Hallingbye
Shannon Brooks Hamby
Robin Harmon
Katie Hogarty
Isla and Coraline Hogarty-Dick
Dannielle Holden
Faye Hortenstine
Janet Hurley
Steve and Shannon Jackson
Megan Jacob
Robert and Lorrie Jacobs
Jane Jerger
Betty Kelly
Lorilyn Kiren
Melva Klein
Molly Kruger
Brett and Cass Kvenild
Terry Lamm
Olivia Lee
Kerry Lloyd
Lindsay Lofaro
Verna Lofaro
Patricia Love
Nita Macey
Betty Malicki
Martha Marquardt
Sarah Brown Mathews
Sally Meeker
Stacy Murphy
Becky Nagle
Ginger Nagy
Dawn Naugle
Donna Nelson
Kari Nelson
Erin O’Doherty
Susie and Stuart Palmer
Nancy Peck
Dona Playton
Katie Ockers Powell
Patti Reese
Shannon Roberts, MD
Ann Seidman
Shelley Simonton
Elaine Skatrud
Joan Sowada
The Stanton Family
Dorothea Steinke
Julie Stone
Marc Tetenman
Cecelia Verdeal
Gina Vincent
Beth Ward
Linda Ward
Lisa Ward
Belinda Wells
Shirley Wendt
Rebecca Wimbley-Rubin
All the courageous women in the program
My mom

#1 Properties
1st Accounting Solutions, LLC
71 Construction
Carolyn and Rollin Abernethy
Billie Addleman and Brandi Monger
Penne and Scott Ainsworth
Albany County
Albany County Community Services
Block Grant
Anne Alexander
Alexis Drake, LLC
AmazonSmile Foundation
ANB Bank – Cheyenne
ANB Bank – Laramie
Rod and Sue Anderson
Shantel and Gustave Anderson
Suzanne Anderson
Laurie Andrews
Betty and Shaun Andrikopoulos
Teresa Ankeny
Anonymous Foundation
Nancy and Mark Anselmi
Antler Inn
Molly Armour
Mildred Armstrong
Ellen and Jim Arnold
Ascension Lutheran Church, Cheyenne
Larry and Connie Atwell
Aullman Living Revocable Trust
Sara Axelson
Doug and Nancy Ayers
Badgerland CFC
Jimmie and Catherine Bailey
Rachel Bailey
Nancy and Lew Baker
Ottilia Ballo
Bank of Jackson Hole
Bank of the West
Jean Barash and Dave Barrett
Bernadette Barlow
Caitilin Barrett
Beaches Beauty Supply
Michelle and Steve Beahm
Father Carl Beavers
Trish Becklinger
Sally and Jim Belcher
Mr. and Mrs. Merton J. Bell, III
Monica and Robert Bell
Charlotte and Tim Belton
Adrienne Benson
Rosie Berger
Allison Bergh
Richard and Bonnie Berry
Beta Sigma Phi, Gamma Chapter
Frances Biederstedt
William and Linda Biles
Nancy Binks-Lyman and Frank Lyman
Jason and Susanna Bird
Lynn Birleffi
Julie Birrer
Bitter Sweet Bombshells
Black Hills Energy
Ben Blalock
Laurie Blatt
Greg Blenkinsop
Jackie and Gregg Blikre
Blue Federal Credit Union
Blue Spruce Cleaners
Pamela and Dwight Bode
Bertha Bodenheimer
Linda and Ed Boenisch
Mark and Kirsten Bohlinger
Amy and Paul Boillot
Rick and Lynne Boomgaarden
Shannon and Rudy Borrego
Kathryn and Chris Boswell
Tom and Shelley Botts
Dr. Jim Boucher
Ms. Agnes Bourne and
Dr. James Luebbers
Elizabeth and Bruce Bowen
Carol Bowers and Mike Kraft
Jasper Boyd
Patti Boyd
Dr. Judy Boyle and Dr. Russell Nelson
Patricia Brackley
Katie Colbert Brady and Chris Brady
Jan and Doug Brimeyer
Betsy and Ron Brino
Sarah Brino and Marc Tetenman
The Brooks Foundation
Richard Brooks
Frank and Winton Brophy
Diana Brown
Kim and Jody Brown Family Foundation
Royce and Sandra H. Brown
Teresa and Bruce Brown
Linda and Doug Brunner
Karen, Cary, Christopher, Andrew and
Ben Brus
Arlene Bryant
BT Real Estate
Daniel Buchan
Judi and Gary Buckingham
Kathy and Bruce Bummer
Christine Burbidge
Monica and Ben Burgeson
Denise Burke
E. James and Linda G. Burke
Representative Don and Mary Burkhart
Sara Bursac
Alice Jackson Bush and Billie Jackson
Joyce and Dan Butcher
Frank Byrne and Theresa Zacharias
Sally and Jim Byrne
Fran Cadez
Lorie Cahn and Doug Brown
Jill Callahan
Campbell County
Campbell County Care Board
Campbell County Opportunities Fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation
Capitol Communications, Inc.
Betsy Carlin and Becky Watson
Barbara and Jerry Carlson
Beth Carlson
Carpenter & Sons, Inc.
David L. Carpenter
Lisa Carpenter
Father Michael Carr
Julie Price Carroll
Jackie Carter
Jim and Maureen Casey
Shawn Casey
Francis and Carolyn Castano
Matthew and Kelly Castano
Linda Cavalli
Century 21 Bell Real Estate
Steven and Janet Chen
Cheyenne Frontier Days
Old West Museum
Cheyenne Housing and Community Development
Cheyenne Radiology Group
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Cheyenne Women’s Clinic, PC
Geneva Chong
Val and Dan Cirbo
City of Casper
City of Cheyenne
City of Gillette
City of Green River
City of Laramie
Lori Clark-Erickson and Chris Erickson
Clearview Strategies, Annie and Travis Riddell
Alice Clement
Dave and Shelly Clements
Cloud Peak Energy Resources LLC
June Cloud
W. J. Coates
Kristen Cogswell and Rod Fordahl
Ali Cohane, Persephone Bakery
Sharon and David Cole
Karen and Jim Coleman
Collins Backhoe & Water Service, Betty and George Collins
Judy and Patrick Collins
Richard and Nancy Collister
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Anonymous Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Thursday Roundtable Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Youth Philanthropy Program Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Catherine Connolly
Lauren Conrad
Cony Corporation
Joanna Cooke
Joanne and John Cornelison
Matt Coulter
Cowboy Moving and Storage, Inc.
Diane and Curt Cox
Judy and Billy Cox
Derek and Sophie Craighead
Shirley Craighead
Cross Charitable Foundation
Crowley Fleck PLLP
Joseph and Bernice Crudden
Kathy and Bob Cummings
Laura Curran
Wendy Curran
D.A. Davidson & Co.
Cindy and Matt Daly
Sandy and John Daly
Sandra D’Amico
Damon Lodge No. 3, Knights of Pythias
Julie and Paul D’Amours
Jan and Randy Dancliff
Daniels Fund
Mitch Dann
Daughters of Penelope, Olympus Chapter 6
Cathryn G. Davis
Charlotte and Maron Davis
Dr. Devra Davis and Richard Morgenstern
Dr. and Mrs. Harmon Davis, II
Jaime Davis
Laurie and Charles Davis
Wayne and Sallie Davis
Don and Judy Day
Jean, Tim, and Anna Day
Teresa De Groh and Arne Jorgensen
Virginia and James Dean
Jessica Dell
Robert and Eleanor Demple
Family Foundation
Department of Family Services
Design Construction, Melanie and Edd Collins
Diana Devine
Katie DiBerardinis
Anita Dillon and John Dodge
Cissy Dillon
John Dinneen
Marietta Dinneen
Ray and Jim Dinneen
Will Dinneen
Judy Dixon and Rob O’Connell
Mary Lee and Dennis Dixon
Tracy and John Dooley
Double 4 Foundation
Pam Dovey
Pamela Downing
Mary and Del Draper
Lisa and Chad Driewer
DRM, Inc.
Dry Creek Dental, Jerri Ann Donahue
Susan and Ken Dugas
Gregory Dyekman
Trey Dykeman
Gretchen Eagan-Beauty Scripts
Dave Earnshaw
Brent and Sarita Eastman
Karin and Dave Ebertz
Walter Eggers
Jamie Egolf
Kim and Rob Elder
Crusita and Martin Ellbogen
John P. Ellbogen Foundation
Ruth R. Ellbogen Foundation
Andrew and Crystal Ellett, Ellett & Company Real Estate
Brenda and Bob Elliott
Cynthia Elrod
Fred and Keren Emerich
Charles Engelhard Foundation
Mary J. England
Darryl Erickson
Greg Erramouspe
Renita Espinoza
Sue and Duane Evenson
Factory IT
Nancy and Mike Faems
Stephanie Fanos
Dr. Aida Farag
Asheley Farland
Brianna Farmer
Julie and Matt Faupel
John and Martha Feagin
Marcie and Mark Feldman
Annie Fenn
Jean and Dick Ferguson
Jo Ferguson
Jacqueline Ferrall
Tara Ferris
Jacqi and Landy Fertig
Emily Church Figenshau
Dr. Lisa Finkelstein and Dr. Marc Domsky
First American Title
First Interstate BancSystem Foundation, Inc.
First Interstate Bank – Casper
First Interstate Bank – Cheyenne
First Interstate Bank – Gillette
First Interstate Bank – Jackson
First Interstate Bank – Laramie
First United Methodist Pre-School
Rick Fisher
Maureen Fitzgerald and Heath Miller
Fleener Law, P.C., Thomas A. Fleener
Francine Fleming
Penny and Benjamin Fogel
Jenn Ford and Rhys Brown
Myrtle Forney
Kara Brighton Fornstrom and Justin Fornstrom
Kate and Aaron Foster
Fred Fox
Natalie and Sheldon Frankel
John Freeman
John and Theresa Freeman
Fresh Life Church
Friendship Mariners,
First Presbyterian Church
Becky and Tom Frisbie
Lynne and Jack Fritz
Frost Salon
Further Faster Media, LLC
Ilene and Howard Garber
Connie Garrett
Glen Garrett
Tyler and Alexis Garrett
Kim and Walt Gasson
Linda and George Gault
Michelle Gauvin-Panos
Gwen Geis
JesiAnn and Tobias Gelber
Gem City Veterinary Services
Elizabeth and Gregory Gerhard
Jim and Sherri Geringer
Sharon and Bill Gern
Christy and Paul Gerrits
Kate Gersh
GFWC Women’s Civic League of Cheyenne
Margaret and John Gibbens
Margaret Gilday and Maho Hakoshima
Gillette Evening Rotary Club
S I Gilman
John and Martha Gilmore
Keith Gingery
Theresa Godchary
Leo Gonzales
Derek Goodson and Sandra
The Goodstein Foundation
Sarah Gorin and Bern Hinckley
Diane Penna Gorski
Colleen and Bob Grady
The Grainger Foundation
Grand Avenue Urgent Care
Brittany Gray
Cynthia Chace Gray
Grease Monkey of Cheyenne
Kerry and Jane Greaser
Myrna and Stephen Greenberg
Mary Greene
Mary Gridley
Elizabeth Guille
The Gun Barrel Steak and Game House
Guthrie Family Foundation
Nancy Guthrie
Louise and Ralph Haberfeld
Sylvia Lee Hackl
Jim and Estelle Haefele
Maggie Hagen
Alyson Hagy and Bob Southard
Halladay Motors, Inc.
Stig and Beth Hallingbye
Jenileah and Thor Hallingbye
Curt Hamby and Shannon Brooks Hamby
Catherine Hansen-Stamp and Barry Stamp
Holly Hansen
John and Connie Hansen
Lois and Wayne Hansen
Tessa Hansen
Klaus and Jan Hanson
David and Leslye Hardie
Lachlan Hardie
A. J. Harnish-Yager and J. D. Yager
Janet Harnsberger
Randy and Diane Harrop
Jan and Bob Hartman
Patricia Hartnett
Hathaway & Kunz, P.C.
Hawkins, Kominsky, Devries &
Associates, P.C.
Hawtin Jorgensen Architects
Bruce and Carolynn Hawtin
Stephanie and Kerry Hayden
Megan Hayes and Reed Zars
Bruce Hayse
Nathaniel Hazelton
Jim and Peggy Hearne
Andrea and Harold Heater
Kristin Heres
Kyndra and Gabe Herrera
John Heymann, NewLevel Group
Jane and Tom Hill
Justice William and Mary Kay Hill
John J. Hines
Judy Hinkle
Molly and Scott Hirschfield
Hirst Applegate, LLP
Andrea and Paul Hladky
Judy and Mike Hladky
Alice and Tom Hogarty
Holly Hogarty
Marsha and Mark Holden
Holland & Hart LLP
Carol Holland
Susan Hollingsworth
Jennifer and Navar Holmes
Stephen Holmes
Kara Holt
Tanya Hood
Missy Hoster
Liz Howell
Shay Howlin and Jeff Gruver
HUB International Mtn States LTD
Sandy and Wayne Hubert
Robert and Gail Hughes Donor Advised
Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Suzie and Trent Hultman
Julia Hysell
Sue Ibarra
Idaho National Laboratory on behalf of Battelle Energy Alliance
Intermountain Combined
Federal Campaign
Lori Iverson and Chris Harder
Sara and Juan Izaguirre
J Vasquez Construction LLC
Dawn Fleming Jackson
Jackson Council of Catholic Women
Connie and Rod Janney
Amanda Jean
Jill and Bob Jensen
Jane Jerger
Karen Jerger and Chuck Harris
Polly Jessen
Jean Jewell
Joannides Family Foundation
Connie and James Johns
Caroline Johnson
Danelle Johnson
David R. Johnson
Jake Johnson – Harold F.
Johnson Masonry
Robert Johnston
Ed and Alyce Jolovich
Jonah Bank of Wyoming – Cheyenne
Gregg and Dorrie Jones
Chelcie Jonke
Tom and Leanna Jordan
Jean and Pete Jorgensen
Susan Juvelier and Mark Houser
Patrice Kangas and Tim Harland
Kappa Masters
Jeanine and Peter Karns
Sunny and James Kaste
David and Linda Kathka
Donor Advised Fund of the
Wyoming Community Foundation
Rick and Diane Kaysen
Tim and Jamie Kearley
Luette and Michael Keegan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Keenan
Kehr Levy Fund
J. Michael Kelley
Elizabeth and Matt Kelly
Kemmerer Family Foundation
Brooke Kemmerer
Connie Kemmerer
Jay and Karen Kemmerer
Kevin and Kelly Kershisnik
Cherry Kildow
Sarah and Robert Kilmain
David Kiren
Kiwanis Club of Gillette
Julie Klein
Audrey Kleinsasser
Sue and Steve Kline
Deborah and Robert Kopp
Patricia and Bob Krause
Con and Velma Kreuzer
Jackie and Brett Kroger
Molly and Aaron Kruger
Tony and Barb Kruger
Sandra and Charles Ksir
Rebecca and John Kuker
Marcia Kunstel and Joe Albright
Jane and Charles Kusek
Anne Ladd
Beedee Ladd
Carole and James Lamanna
Dan and Maggie Land
The Landon Family
Alisa Lane
Marlene and Peter Lang
Laramie County
Laramie MOPS
Laramie Plains Federal Credit Union
Larimer Family Foundation
Adrienne and Marc Lasky
Wilma and Carl Lathrop
Clarene and Creed Law
Karen Lawton
Leadership at Play
Alex Lemieux
Nina and Brian Lenz
Carmen and Robert Leonard
Levin Strategic Resources
Carol and Dean Lewis
Liberty Burger of Jackson Hole
LifeTime Health & Fitness Senior Aqua
Aerobics Class
Georgia and Tony Ligori
Sofija Liles
Lincoln County
Carol and Steve Lindly
Tim Linger
Carol and Jim Linton
Kevin Little
Kerry and Matt Lloyd
Liz and Kelly Lockhart
Lynn and Tom Lockhart
Nancy and Jeff Lockwood
Maura Lofaro, MD
Gretchen Long
Fred Loomis Family
Mary Kay and Kim Love
Sharel and Sean Love
Doris Lowe
Wendy Lowe
Paul Lowham
Lucky’s Market – Jackson
Roger Ludwig
LuLaRoe, Inc.
Patty and John Lummis
Susan and Mayo Lykes
Margaret and Garrett Lynch
Lokey Lytjen and Bill Collins
Brenda and John Lyttle
Renee Macey
Patti MacMillan
Anni Trucco Magnuson and
Pete Magnuson
Magpul Industries Corporation
Ginny and Ken Mahood
Keith and Ann Marcott
Priscilla Marden and Tony Panarisi
Linda Mars
Linda and Dick Martin
Melissa and Brian Martin
Courtney and Chip Marvin
Ruth and Mike Massie
Helen and George Mathes, Jr.
Sarah Brown Mathews
Jane Matthews
Carol and Sam Paul Mavrakis
Jen and Dan Mayernik
Amy and Forrest McCarthy
Nancy McCarthy
Nina McConigley and Michael Johnson
Kari and Matthew McCreedy
Margaret McCreery-McCoy and
Elmer McCoy
Northwestern Mutual, Brendan and
Nicki McDermott
Stacie and Chris McDonald
McElwain Family Foundation
Ray and Lisa McElwee
McGee, Hearne, & Paiz, LLP
Ellen A. McGee
Jody McGill
Emily and Mike McGrady
Dawn and Michael McHugh
Hilary McKenna
John and Kathleen McKinley
John McPherson, DDS
MDU Resources Foundation,
Knife River Corporation
The Bradford S. Mead and Katherine L. Mead Charitable Foundation
Mechanical Systems, Inc.
Howard and Sally Meeker
Vickie and Mark Memmer
Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County
Greg Merage
Carol and Art Merrell
Sherrie and Clyde Merrow
Dr. Larry and Vicki Meuli
Mary O. Meyer
Rita Meyer
Susan Mick and Bob Gordon
Susan Miller
Krista and Jed Mixter
Modern Electric Co.
Cathy and Fred Moore
Erin and Ross Moore
Ruth Moran and Jim Rooks
Jesse Morgan
K.J. and Craig Morris
The Mortgage Source
Brianna Moteberg
Barbara and John Mueller
Anne Muller
Kevin Murphy Family
Sandra Murphy
Sara Murphy and John McInerney
Murray Properties
Caren and Ed Murray
Alec J. Muthig
Dana and Carl Nagel
Tanna and Matt Nagy
Chris Nations
Natrona County
The Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Devon Neale
Carolyn and Bob Nelson
Christine Nelson
Dan Nelson
Donna Nelson
Robert and Claudia Nettle
Jane and Ronald Neus
Gary New
Denise Newell
NewLevel Group
John Nissenbaum
Noble Energy, Inc.
Alli Noland
Ann and Gary Norwood
Kathryn Noyes and Mike McDonnell
Jack and Carole Nunn Donor Advised
Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Amber Nuse
Andrea and Matthew Odell
Erin O’Doherty and James Johnson
Julie and Hugh O’Halloran
Angela Okray
Sherry and Mick Okray
Shannon Olmsted
Judith Olson
Office of Governor Matt Mead
OneHope Foundation
Bill and Janet O’Neil
Don and Cathy Ann Ormond
Harry and Lucie Osborn
Sandy Ostdiek
Kathleen Osterman-Meisner and Greg Meisner
Mary Ostlund
Janet Owens
Kevin and Lisa Paintner
Susie and Stuart Palmer
Karen Parent
Carol and Alton Parker
Christine Parravano-Engel
Addie Pascal
Carol Matteson Pascal
Peak Promotions, Kent and Kari Shriner
Pearl Street Bagels
Mona Pearl
Mandy Nic Peche
Jodi Pederson
Anne Pendergast
Penny Lane Cooperative
PEO Sisterhood Chapter V
Gwen and Dan Perdue
Peryam Ranch, Alan W. Peryam and
Wendy P. Curran
Ruth and Bob Peters
Vicki and Paul Peters
Leslie Petersen and Hank Phibbs
Jeannie and Cory Peterson
Jennifer and Lars Peterson
Tawnya Peterson
Shirley and Paul Piper
Pizza Carrello LLC
Lollie Plank
Pledgeling Foundation
Tracy and Greg Poduska
James D. & Bess S. Polis Foundation
Frances Pollak and Ernest LaBelle
Matt Pope
Don and Virginia Porter
Rich and Cindy Porter
Powder River Energy Foundation
Paula Poythress
John Prenner and Irene Griswold-Prenner
Ruby Preston
Leeann Prichard
Phil and Chris Pridmore
Margaret and Greg Prugh, Sr.
QEP Resources, Inc.
Marianne and William Quinn
Mike Rafferty
Terri Randazzo
Pamela and Jerry Rankin
Mike and Mary Rathbun
RBC Wealth Management
Re/Max Obsidian Real Estate
Liz Rea
Ann and Ralph Redman
Shawn and Amiee Reese
Martha Reisch and Brandon McAffee
Eda Reno
Story Clark Resor and Bill Resor
Kathy Reynolds
Mike Rheam and Jamie
Mackintosh Rheam
Gwen Rice
Lee and Ed Riddell
Nancy and Dick Riddle
Kristen and Jerimiah Rieman
Mrs. Ari Rifkin
Tara Righetti
Carolyn and Andy Ripps
Margaret Roberts and David Bentley
Roxanne and Jeff Robinson
Troy and Tammy Robinson
Rocking Chair Foundation
Rocky Mountain Combined Federal Campaign
Rocky Mountain Power
Rocky Mountain Power Foundation
Elisabeth Rohrbach
Michelle Rooks, Angel Rooks Orton, and Eric Orton
Michele and Jim Rose
Elaine Rosenthal
Patricia Roser and Andrew Langford
Elaine and Dale Roth
Bob and Ginny Rowland
Craig and Mary Ruble
Samuel Runyan
Christy and Matt Russell
Diane and Tom Russell
Patricia Russell
Jess Ryan
Corie Rybak
Ruth Ryerson
Ponteir Sackrey
Andrew Salter and Michele Gammer
Doug and Susan Samuelson
Dale Sanders
Karen Sapp
Kristine and Anthony Sara
Newell B. Sargent Foundation
Kate Sarosy and Scott Sissman
Lorraine Saulino-Klein
Jan and Dave Schaad
Debbie Schlinger
Neva and John Schmechel
Mary and Erich Schmidt
Carol Schneebeck
Schneider Fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation
Jeffrey Schnur
Lisa and Robert Schober
Lori and Gary Schoene
Tammy Schroeder
Melodie Schwabacher
Cheryl and Bill Schwartz
Leonard R. and Synthia Scoleri
Charles Scott
Homer A. & Mildred S. Scott Foundation
The Scout Guide
Roy Searle
Security First Bank
Seidler Foundation
Bonnie and Doug Self
Peter M. Selkowitz
Trey Sherwood
Angela Shumate
Dorothy and Art Sigel
Silver Star Communications
Martha Silver
Rebecca Simmons
Barbara and John Simms
Simon Contractors
Susan and Arthur Simpson
Sinclair Casper Refining Company
Tyler and Jessica Sinclair
Sisters of Charity, SCL
James Slater
Angie and Craig Smith
Ann Smith
Jill Smith
Dr. Laura and Dr. Lane Smothers
Snake River Brewery
Albert and Sue Sommers
Nancy and Robert Sorenson
Soroptimist International of Jackson
Soroptimist International of Laramie
Lee Sowada and Adrian Gerrits
Jennifer Sparks
The Eldon M. Spicer Family Donor
Advised Endowment Fund of the
Wyoming Community Foundation
Spirit Dance Foundation, Florence Lemle
Spradley Barr Motors, Inc.
Jeanie and Fred Staehr
Staples #1408
Staples Foundation
State Farm Insurance – Cody Pierpoint
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance
Jana Stearns
Shannon and Stephen Stec
Mimi and Bobby Stein
Robert Steinke
Gary Stevens
Suzanne Stiegelmeyer
Pamela Stockton
Ruth Storey
Ron and Jane Stoughton
STS Foundation
McIntosh Sullivan
Mike and Jane Sullivan
Sundahl, Powers, Kapp & Martin, LLC
Frederick & Patricia Supper Foundation
Dan and Amy Surdam
Joy and Ron Surdam
Susan and Jeffrey Sussman
Sweetwater County
Pam and Phelps Swift Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Janet and Duane Swinton
Clare Payne Symmons and
Michael Symmons
Taco John’s International
Tarlow Stonecipher Weamer & Kelly, PLLC
Tata Chemicals North America
Tecumseh Foundation
Megan Tedotov
Tad Teeples
Jennifer and Michael Tennican
Mrs. Betty Terrill
Cathy and Stan Tetenman
Teton County
Stephanie Teubner
Karla Tessler, Matt Deehan, and
Chase Collins
Laurie Thal
Janet and Terry Tharp
Christy Thomas
Ellen and B. J. Thompson
Robert Thorn and Lori Taylor
Gerry and Margie Thorvaldson
Mary Throne and Kevin Boyce
Jen Tillotson
Dorothy Tinnell
Ken and Susan Tobin
Jan Torres
Pauline Towers-Dykeman and
Paul Dykeman
Town of Jackson
Amber Travsky
Ruth Troyanek
Melanie and Dave True
Sandi and Bruce Tully
Amanda Turner
John and Christine Turner
Polly Turner
U.S. Bank Foundation
Amy and Steve Unfried
Juliet Unfried
United Presbyterian Church
United Steel Workers Local 15320
United Way of Campbell County
United Way of Laramie County
University Women’s Club
Tammy Valdez
Linda Valenti
Maggie and John Valiante
Gay and Phil Van Horn
Cindy Vandewark
Polly and Dick Vaughan
Collin Vaughn
Verisk Analytics
Vincent Financial Services
Jeff and Alanna Vincent
Robert Viola
Kristin and Jim Vito
Ellen Voie
Deanna and Robert Volkmer
Mary and Warren Vrooman
Mandie Wagner
Polly and Sandy Wakeman
Pam and Tom Walker
Carmel Wallace
Sandra and Dennis Wallace
Mackenzie Walles
Walmart Distribution Center
Walmart Supercenter – Gillette
Christel and David Walrath
Jennifer DeWitt Walsh
John W. and Linda L. Walsh
Barbara and Charlie Walter
Don and Betty Walters
Lesley and Jim Wangberg
Ward Insulation
Becky and Craig Ward
Beth and Bryan Ward
Doreen Ward
Linda and Dale Ward
Warehouse Twenty One
Donna and James Weaver
Connie and Raulie Weber
Maida Wedell
Sherry Welch
The Wells Family
Wells Fargo
Robert Wemple
Randal and Carol Wendling
Glennise and Michael Wendorf
Shirley and Eugene Wendt
Dabney West
Gloria and Milton Wester
Western Sky Design, LLC
Western States Bank – Laramie
Wheeler Family Foundation
Patti Whetstone
White Mountain Lions Club
Caitlin White and Jacob Swan
Diane and Dan White
Dave and Ronda Whitman
Janet and Bob Whitmire
Linda Wilson
Shannon Wilson
Christine and Lance Windey
Jodie and Chuck Wing
John and Pam Winter
Cheri, Jeffrey, Katy, and Mike Witz
Jane Wohl
The Wold Foundation
Vinton and Cindy Wolfe
Ken and Maureen Womack
Alden Wood
Rhonda Woodard and George Kallas
Woodhouse Roden Nethercott, LLC
Della Works
Beth and James Worthen
WPX Energy
WYHY Federal Credit Union
Wyoming Bank & Trust
Wyoming Outfitters
Wyoming Psychological Association
Wyoming Title & Escrow
Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
Gerry and Martha Wyrsch
Jamie and Shannon Yarrow
Karen Youngblood and Jim Peck
Barbara Zelazo and Michael Scher
Zimmerman Family Foundation
Zonta Club of Laramie

United Way
Wyoming Department of Family Services

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