Number of Children: 1

Previous Occupation: Food Services

Wage Before CLIMB: $9,600/year

Current Occupation: Admiral Beverage/Pepsi

Wage After CLIMB: $36,000/year

Lea completed Climb's Short Haul Truck Driving (CDL) training.

“[Climb] listened to every word I said and took everything I said to heart. I could open up to them without feeling uncomfortable. They made me feel proud to be me.”

What a difference a year makes. In early 2015, Lea was living in a homeless shelter after an exhausting legal battle to reclaim custody of her son. “I was feeling really down and out,” she remembers.

Now, just over a year later, Lea has her own apartment and her own car, and she can pay all her bills. It all turned around after Lea graduated from Climb’s Short Haul Truck Driving (CDL) and combined Warehouse Inventory training in Casper and secured a job with Admiral Beverage/Pepsi.

Lea realized just how much her life had changed when she filed her 2015 tax return. She went from barely making $800 a month working in fast food in 2014 to earning just under $3,000 a month in 2015. Her income jumped almost $20,000 in less than a year.

When Lea saw these numbers on her tax return, she rushed into Casper’s Climb office to share her news. “Climb’s staff are my favorite people in the world,” she says.