Funding Futures: Maximize Your Impact…Change Lives!

You are invited to join Climb’s Funding Futures Giving Society—one of the most effective ways to help Wyoming’s low-income families move out of poverty.

Funding Futures donors give moms and children opportunities to:

  • Double or triple their monthly income
  • Reduce public food stamp assistance
  • Go back to college or pursue additional career advancement opportunities
  • Buy their first home and move out of low-income housing
  • Secure more regular work schedules, enroll kids in sports and focus on academics
  • Provide local businesses with skilled, trained employees to meet Wyoming’s workforce needs

Become a Funding Futures Giving Society member with a three-year pledge of a minimum $1,000/year and help ensure the program can shine on for generations to come.

To learn more, please contact Jean Lewis, Climb Wyoming Director of Stewardship, at 307-264-3208 or