Working for Wyoming: Moms Make Our Workforce Stronger

“When I came to Climb, I had reached a point where I felt really stuck,” says Roxanne. “I’d say my light was completely extinguished.”

Pregnant as a teenager, Roxanne left high school early and was a stay-at-home mom for several years, raising three kids. When her family situation changed, “I didn’t have anyone to fall back on,” she says. “I didn’t have anywhere to go. I felt like a failure at life because I didn’t know what direction I was going in.”

After graduating from Climb’s Office Careers training in the Teton Area two years ago, Roxanne began her job placement as an Administrative Associate with the Jackson Hole Land Trust. She has since been promoted to Advancement and Operations Manager for the nonprofit.

“I’m paying bills. I’m putting money in savings. I couldn’t be more grateful and honored for my job.”

-Roxanne, Climb Wyoming Graduate


Upward Growth in the Workforce: Graduate Wage Progression

“If it weren’t for Climb, I know I wouldn’t have landed the job I did,” Roxanne says. Like many parts of the country, Wyoming faces serious staffing shortages that Climb graduates like Roxanne are filling in communities throughout the state.

“It’s just had a mass ripple effect on everything,” says Roxanne of the Climb program and her new career. “My self-confidence is something I haven’t had in a long time. I’m paying bills. I’m putting money in savings. I’m able to buy my kids shoes, clothes, or whatever they need. I couldn’t be more grateful and honored for my job.”